Rain, rain, go away…

Rain-rain, go away! Rain-rain, go away…Rain, rain go away? Simple words, imagine what will feel a person if you always say “go away”…Whenever he is near, you repeat it as a magic spell – rain, rain, go away. When you yourself hear them, you feel like noone loves you, you are stranger, you should really go away or sit right here and cry. Rain, rain, go away – we grow up and use this words, and use them as often as possible, as if they can help us. Rain, rain, go away – for each and every thing which is not as we want it to be. Rain, rain, go away! I know this spell, I can do anything with it! But next things come and then again – rain, rain, go away. Broken spell, but you stick to it, repeating like insane, rain, rain, go away…And the rain as if it is a person feel like noone loves him. Rain is crying, and then more, and more, only to hear again – rain, rain, go away. Rain, rain, go away – do away with your greyness, your tears, your gloominess. We don’t want you, we don’t want to be sad, you make us sad! We scream it, we scream it, desperately trying to forget. Rain, rain, go away – I am screaming, I can’t hear what my heart is saying! It’s not my fault, it’s not clouds in my soul, no! You, you are the reason why I am sad, you with your depression, I know magical words, they can fix anything and again and again – rain, rain, go away…Time passes, sun is here, we pretend being happy, but shades are still near…

Happiness for sharing: happiness of randomness

Hey-hey, very happy new week! Instead of happy new year, why not? Why not to wish each other happy new month and happy new day and happy middle of the month and happy new spring and happy new hour and happy new something? Just imagine, we meet each other (what a pleasure!), take off hats and bow with words “Happy new afternoon!”. No-no, if we are girls, we can just make a curtsey instead of bow. Oh, I’m dreaming of times when we can make curtseys again – aren’t they wonderful? (Please, say yes. Yes? Thank you;)) So back on track – happy new week! Can you feel spring? At least if its your next season;) But I should be cautious – it’s my next thing, I should keep it in secret. Pretend I wrote nothing. Internet silence.

I have a feeling that my words are always so chaotic, they jump and dance and do what they want without my permission. Something here, something there, and here we are – nowhere with nothing, full of anything. Chaotic words, things – happiness of randomness! Yes, it’s happiness, cause it’s so-so-so wonderful to be open. It’s scary and dangerous, but so wonderful. Randomness…such a strange thing, but when you let yourself be randomness, things become more clear and ‘organized’, than when you try to have control. Control ends in chaos while randomness ends in feeling of rightness. Everything is like it should be. Tricky, but you can’t just decide to let randomness in your life, try a bit to see how it work. No…You steep in it, in its welcoming deepness. You can return, but you can’t live in both worlds – world of control and world of randomness.

And with years I personally more and more often find myself in this world of randomness – strange, scary wonderful world. World of thin wires in the milky sky instead of pavement. World of dreaming big about small things. World of smiling to the air. World of paper angels sticking to the window, they wave you and wish a happy new day. Happy new week…

Love what you do even if you don’t always like it

Who didn’t hear that it’s important is to love what you do? That in this case you can work effectively and live happily and so on?

Simple phrase, but I’ve opened new side of it: you don’t have to always like it, but you need to love it. Both process and result.

These pictures, they are pretty ugly, but I love them! Don’t know even why, but love, it makes me smile looking at them.

Though they just show obvious thing: I’m not the one who can draw.

For me this relevation (not about drawing, of course;)) was something new…

of course I didn’t think that it’s possible to always like your creatures. But also I didn’t think you can understand that they are far from flawless and still love it.

Strange, but for me it makes sense, so I decided to share it…and these pictures. Cause I love them:)


Sharing happiness: happiness of basic things.

Hello, all, how is your week? Hope it’s full of spring spirit and you are ready to embrace all its beauty in the fullest way. My weeks are pretty the same and it was a good reminder of how important to have and be able to see basic things in your life which make you happy and fill with joy – for me joy is a wonderful vehicle, cause it’s so similar with love. Love and joy…this two words are nearle the same for me. Sorry, back on track.

So yes, though it’s good to have walks, see friends, buy clothes etc., it doesn’t matter that without it you can’t have positive days. You can! You can…

  • listen to music – calm or energetic, old favourites or soemthing new, to have fun during work/job or what make you boring and tired or as an addition during all of this;
  • look in the window – there is always something new, something interesting to see. Children play, cats run, birds sing, snow, rain, sun, leaves, rainbows, cars – world is so chaotic and beautiful!
  • draw – just for five minutes, what is in your head or without thinking;
  • dream – about better times which are definitely will come after not-so-fun period;
  • tell yor dearest people you love them or write something pleasant to friend…anyone!
  • make yourself a cup of tea and treat with chocolate…or whatever is as tasty for you as it;
  • take a break from everything for a day and pretend that you just have this day. Without thinking about tomorrow;
  • have a nap – of you can’t have enough sleep or need more because of stress, nap will help you to be more productive and will brighten your mood;
  • have a walk to clear your mind or just dance for five minutes;
  • change environment or if you can’t leave home, change something in your room;
  • remind yourself there is so much more in life and your health and stable mind should be a priority;
  • treat yourself with a shower (if you are afraid that bath will take too much time) – it will refresh you and bring a smile on your face;
  • have fun which doesn’t need nearly any time (it’s the reason of my colourful words today:)
  • cheating a bit – like I do, cause this week all my posts will be only in my not-so-perfect English;)

Dmitry Likhachov, Letters about the Kind and Beautiful (Дмитрий Лихачёв, “Письма о добром”)

Sometimes I write posts which surprise myself – seems like they choose me, not I decide to create them. Science? In English? No. Please. No:) It will be torture for me, readers and all who like and love science, and especially for Likhachov himself (who was an expert in old Russian literature and language). He deserves piece, wherever he is.

But…somehow I’m here writing about book “Letters about the Kind and Beautiful“. Ouch…Lets pretend it’s not me. It’s…a girl. Her grandfather knows about her love of books, so on New Year he presented her three books – each by Likhachev. And when she started to read first, “Letters about the Kind and Beautiful”, it was…suprisingly interesting (yes, at first this girl was rather sceptical about this). She suddenly heard soft voice of a wise man, who told here about love, life, culture, goals. He didn’t pretend to be guru, but in a polite way shared his experience. There were things especially close to her heart. Here they are.

If you can’t share joy – it’s not joy. Yes, this girl knew how important it’s to have people who can undersand her joy, who’ll be happy to hear it. She knew that their shiny eyes and smiles were the best prize – not the joy itself, but this people made her laugh because of happiness. And when she was alone, it was like…ok, it happened. Ok. It wasn’t joy for her soul.

You don’t have to hate other nations if you are patriot. Such an important thing, but how simple we can forget about it! Not only with nations (it’s an extreme case), but with everything. If we love something, it’s opposite side become being hatred. And with nations it’s especially harsh. We can love our country, our nation, our home, but it doesn’t make others worse. Different – yes. Maybe even strange – for us. But not worse.

One of the letters in this book was devoted to the main goal of your life. It was told to this girl that we all need to have this life goal. And only when it’s vital goal, you’ll live your life with honour and joy. Because when your goal is to be kind and help others, you won’t have many reasons to be upset. There are very few people who don’t need help. But when it’s materialistic goal or goals…there is more reasons – you can’t buy something concrete, have something better than another person, etc., etc… It’s good to take care of yourself, but not when it become your main goal. When you forget about yourself, when you don’t think about yourself, only about others – it’s exaggeration and demonstration. You don’t have to emphasize your main life goal. It doesn’t have to wear you out, when it’s not necessary.

Others mustn’t make another person to admit his mistake but motivate to correct it. They should be like spectators: when figure skater falls and then continue his dance, they applause even louder. So true – how often we stick to our mistake: we admit it and then start mourning and feeling guilty and all those thoughts…in spite of moving forward. As well as we do it with ours – without intentions sometimes, but still. We all make mistales and they are just a chance to improve something, to see new way of doing it, new path. You can’t appreciate sun until you see night.

It’s just a few things from this book which were especially close to me…sorry, that girl. This book is so great, because you can read it many times and…understand, learn, accept something new. It’s a friend, more experienced and educationed, who cares about you. Warm feeling:)

Никогда бы в жизни не подумала, что напишу на английском что-нибудь, посвящённое науке или с ней связанное. На так вышло, и книга, которую я прочитала у Дмитрия Лихачёва – “Письма о добром” была слишком хороша, чтобы не поделиться ею здесь. Да, иногда не я придумываю посты, но посты выбирают меня, чтобы быть написанными. Что же, весьма польщена!

И всё же сохраню интригу и как и в английской версии, сделаю вид, что я – это не я (ибо мы с наукой вещи несовместимые, да простит меня большая часть моего высокоучёного семейства), а просто некая девочка “фефочка”, получившая на новый год несколько книг гуманитария, знатока древнерусской литературы Дмитрия Лихачёва. Потрясающий человек, настолько мудрый, в его письмах ты слышишь его голос, который не поучает, а ведёт вперёд – подбадривает, рассказывает, делится. Чувствуешь заботу и искреннее желание показать и рассказать то, что накопилось за долгую и ой какую непростую жизнь! И хотя всю книгу можно разобрать на цитаты, здесь эта девочка рассказала лишь о несколько особенно зацепившихся за сердце вещах:

о том, что только разделённая радость является радостью. Ведь это настолько правда! Только когда есть люди, с которыми можно поделиться, разделить, кто будет улыбаться от радости за тебя, чьи глаза будут светиться от твоих новостей, ты чувствуешь искреннюю радость. А если ты хранишь её про себя, если не делишься, то…ну да. Она случилась. Да…

о том, что можно быть патриотом, и не ненавидеть другие нации. Это экстремальный пример того, как часто происходит в жизни, если мы выбираем любовь к чему-то, то всё другое внезапно становится отрицаемым, отвергаемым. А ведь это просто другое, может быть даже странное для нас, но ничуть не хуже. Просто другое.

– о том, что в жизни должна быть цель, и только если это жизненно необходимая цель, ты проживёшь жизнь с радостью и достоинством. Потому что если ты хочешь помогать другим, то тебя ждёт не так много разочарований – мало людей на свете, кому бы не нужна была помощь. А вот если во главу угла ты ставишь материальные ценности…сколько горестей и расстройств! Ты не можешь купить новый шкаф! А потом новее! И стол, как у Игоря Петровича, тоже не можешь. А как смог, так у Варвары Сергеевны ещё лучше появился. И так без конца. Но не должна быть эта главная цель выпячиваемой, нельзя забывать о себе, иначе это уже демонстрация и преувеличение. Забота о себе – признак культуры, просто не должна быть определяющей твою жизнь целью.

Конечно, девочка и близко не передаст того, с каким тактом и деликатностью написана эта книга – к ней можно возвращаться и всегда находить что-то новое…кроме одного: заботы более образованного и опытного Друга. Да-да. И это очень согревает:)